Friday, January 14, 2011

Non-Smoking, Please

So, a few months ago, I decided that enough was enough. I have GOT to quit smoking. I remember how easy it was the last time. And you wanna know what? It was even EASIER this time. Here's how I did it:
  1. Make up your mind in advance. I've done it approx 2 months in advance. That way you have time to ruminate on it. Plan for it. Smoke your heart out (hahaha, pun intended).
  2. Set a date and stick to it. I picked 1/1/11.
  3. Smoke every cigarette you have the night before or throw them away when you go to bed.
  4. Also? smoke a SHITLOAD that night before.
  5. On the day you quit, for me anyway, it helps to not leave the house. :)
  6. Distract yourself. Don't think about it. Don't dwell on it. Do something else (but don't make that something be snacking or eating).
  7. Avoid temptation. Not forever, but at least for a few weeks.
  8. If you MUST snack (it's an oral fixation after all), stock up on carrots and celery. I know, they suck but still. Better than smoking or eating cookies.
Interestingly enough the last time I did it, I did go through all the withdrawals - the grumps, extreme irritableness, boredom and restlessness were the most severe symptoms. And when I say severe, I really mean it - I was BORED OUT OF MY MIND WITH NOTHING TO DO BECAUSE I USED TO FILL ALL THIS TIME WITH SMOKING. AND I WAS IRRITABLE!
This time, I was irritable and bored, but it seemed to be much less severe and it lasted a shorter amount of time (like a week vs. a month last time!) Again - distraction works MIRACLES.
Anyway, I want to make a list of the great things about not smoking. This is mostly a reminder to myself, you know, in case I'm tempted to start smoking again!!
Here are all the great things about NOT smoking:
  • So much more time! Think of all the time I've wasted going downstairs to have a smoke, smoking, coming back upstairs (at work).
  • Saving money! it's been 13 days and I've already saved $60!
  • I don't stink any more!!! Yay!
  • I haven't noticed this yet but I remember from last time - I went from teeth cleanings every 4 months to just every 6 months! :-) (ALSO saving time and money!)
  • Within 2-3 days of quitting - I no longer have to clear my throat or cough all the time. It's awesome!!!
  • I do feel better

6 bits of love:

Brody said...

Congratulations! That's awesome!

Curran said...

I'm so proud of you!!

mariposa77 said...

YAY! And just think - you won't have the old lady smoking wrinkles around your mouth. So your saving tons on products for later! Coming from a 10 year non-smoker now. YOU CAN DO IT! And will be so awesome for it!!!!

Alli said...

So proud of you!!!!

JP said...

Congrats on quitting! Although I'm not a smoker personally, I couldn't even imagine how hard it is to break a habit like this. Hopefully you can keep it off!

I know how hard it is to stop biting my nails, and every time I get a few weeks in I end up breaking down. This is awesome! Congrats again!

ETK said...

Unfortunately, this shit did NOT last. :( Next time!