Thursday, June 18, 2009


to be patient, especially because today my horoscope says this:

Normally, it's not a challenge for you to manage others, even when they are being obstinate. Now, however, someone may be able to successfully justify his or her resistance to your authority. On the surface, the problem stems from others being stubborn, but their lack of cooperation is based on a deep belief that they have a better plan. It's not worth fighting about it, for no one will win. It's better to wait a few days until the energy shifts and everyone is more flexible.

But it's really annoying when someone doesn't want to tell you what they are doing or gets pissy when you suggest a better way for them to do something that you've been doing for 11 years and they've not done before. I'm just sayin.

Moreover, if you have a better way to do things - tell me vs. just act pissy. I don't respond well to passive aggressive or pissy. Just so you know.

It's actually my job to (1) push you and (2) know what you are doing, and (3) get you to figure out a way to do it more efficiently.

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