Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Theme Song for 2009

I've decided. Here it is. I ain't got no time for haters.

Live Your Life - T.I.

You're gonna be a shining star, with fancy clothes, and fancy car-ars.
And then you'll see, you're gonna go far.
Cause everyone knows, just who you are-are.
So live your life, ay ay ay.
You Steady Chasin that paper.
Just live your life (Oh! ), ay ay ay.
Ain't got no time for no haters
Just live your life (Ay! ), ay ay ay.
No telling where it'll take ya.
Just live your life (Oh! ), ay ay ay.
Cause I'm a paper chaser.
Just living my life (ay), my life (oh), my life (ay), my life (oh)
Just living my life (ay), my life (oh), my life (ay), my life (oh)
Just living my life

Never mind what haters say, ignore them 'til they fade away.
Amazing they ungrateful after all the game I gave away.
Safe to say I paved the way, for you cats to get paid today.
You still be wasting days away now had I never saved the day.
Consider them my protégé, homage I think they should pay.
Instead of being gracious, they violate in a major way.
I never been a hater still I love them, in a crazy way.
Some say they so yay and no they couldn't get work on Labor day.
It aint that they black or white, their hands a area the shade of grey.
I'm West side anyway, even if I left the day it stayed away.
Some move away to make a way not move away cause they afraid.
I'll go back to the hood and all you ever did was take away.
I pray for patience but they make me want to melt they face away.
Like I once made them scream, now I could make them plead their case away.
Been thuggin' all my life, can't say I don't deserve to take a break.
You'd rather see me catch a case, and watch my future fade away.

You're gonna be a shining star, with fancy clothes, and fancy car-ars.
And then you'll see, you're gonna go far.
Cause everyone knows, just who you are-are.
So live your life, ay ay ay.
Instead of chasing that paper.
Just live your life (Oh! ), ay ay ay.
You got no time for no haters
Just live your life (Oh! ), ay ay ay.
No telling where it'll take ya.
Just live your life (Oh! ), ay ay ay.
Cause I'm a paper chaser.
Just living my life (ay), my life (oh), my life (ay), my life (oh)
Just living my life (ay), my life (oh), my life (ay), my life (oh)
Just Livin My Life.

I'm the opposite of moderate, immaculately polished with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid.
Allergic to the counterfeit, impartial to the politics.
Articulate but still would grab a nigga by the collar quick.
Whoever havin problems, with they record sale just holla TIP.
If that don't work and all else fails, then turn around and follow TIP.
I got love for the game but ay I'm not in love with all of it.
I do without the fame and the rappers nowadays are comedy.
The hootin' and the hollerin', back and forth with the arguing.
Where you from, who you know, what you make and what kind of car you in.
Seems as though you lost sight of what's important with the positive.
And checks until your bank account, and you're about poverted.
Your values is a disarrayed, prioritizing horribly.
Unhappy with the riches cause you miss-poor morally.
Ignoring all prior advice and fore warning.
And we mighty full of ourselves all of a sudden aren't we?

You're gonna be a shining star, with fancy clothes, and fancy car-ars.
And then you'll see, you're gonna go far.
Cause everyone knows, just who you are-are.
So live your life, ay ay ay.
Instead of chasing that paper.
Just live your life (Oh! ), ay ay ay.
You got no time for no haters
Just live your life (Oh! ), ay ay ay.
No telling where it'll take ya.
Just live your life (Oh! ), ay ay ay.
Cause I'm a paper chaser.
Just living my life (ay), my life (oh), my life (ay), my life (oh)
Just living my life (ay), my life (oh), my life (ay), my life (oh)

Now everybody watchin what I do
Come walk in my shoes
And see the way that I'm livin if you really want to
I got my mind on my money and I'm not goin nowhere
So keep on gettin yo paper(ah ah)
And keep on climbin
Look in the mirror
And keep on shinin
Til the game end
Til the clock stop
We gon' post up on the top spot
Livin' the life, the life

In the brand new city
Got my whole team with me
Livin my life, my life
I do it how I wanna do
I'm livin' my life, my life
I will never loose 'em
Livin my life, my life
And I'm not stoppin

So live your life.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

3 Things to To Today

Work wise, of course.

1 down, 2 to go.

Ugh. Maybe I'll just do 2 of 3. That's good right?


One of the things I'm best at, in the whole wide world, is procrastination.

Doesn't matter what there is to do that's super important, I will do something else. Everything but what has to be done. This is good and bad. I work better under pressure, so then it's good. I can be uber productive when I need to be - focusing and doing 5 things at once - if my heart is in it. It can be bad because I usually am just a little bit late - to dinner, for drinks, for status reports, blah - because once I get into it, I realize that I might need just a little more time than I allocated, mostly because I'm a perfectionist and I hate hate hate to deliver stuff that has not been reviewed, spell checked and thoroughly gone over for discrepancies or mistakes. Ugh. Why? When I know all this WTF am I doing procrastinating?

Anyway, the point of that little diatribe is to let you know that I should totally be working on something else (like a biweekly status report, metrics, or finalizing some contracts) but instead I decided to reread our 2008 resolutions and my to do list.

All I have to say is who the fuck wants to take a canoe trip that last more than 2 days (see #59 on the to do list)? I'm apparently over that. Who was that girl?

One other thing to point out. Is that clearly when we wrote this list, I did not have my new job yet - otherwise I bet half that budget conscious shit wouldn't be on there. :) Certainly not the getting rid of my car crap.


Don't worry. I'm not dead yet. Yet.

Half the time I don't have anything in particular to say and the other half the time, I am wasting time on facebook just don't have time to write.

In short, here's what's up:
  • Work is great, so busy! I'm finally not traveling every single week, but still have lots of work to do. This is going to be a very busy couple of months I think.
  • I am going to have to travel to Houston for work next month I think. I am trying to figure it out so that I can see people while I'm there, but I don't have a lot of time to be there. I will try to make it over a weekend, but not sure - there are just so many people I need to see!
  • We spent Wed-Sun in Greensboro at Lynn's. Christmas day was at the MIL/FILs house. MIL cooked a fabulous wonderful dinner.
  • Christmas is over, thank god. With Lance's death in October, I really just wanted Christmas to be over with. I wanted us all to survive the season. I wanted to start and finish it. And, thankfully, it's done.
  • The thing I dont' like about Thanksgiving, Christmas, holidays in general - is the time spent in prep. My MIL spent all day in the kitchen when we could have been visiting. Yes, the meal was delicious, but it would have been nice to spend more time with her. By the time dinner was done I was mentally exhausted and in a bad mood. I just spent time playing Sudoku on my phone.
  • It was nice to see the fam, but I was also ready to get home. it's very very hard to be without cell reception and internet for 4-5 days. You know how some people watch TV to unwind? I surf the internet, play on facebook, etc. I think I was literally going crazy without the internet. Withdrawals are rough. All I can do when I sit in front of the TV is think - wow, I'd much rather be surfing the internet!
  • I'm so behind on blog reading. My Google Reader count are kind of crazy right now. Check it:
  • Crazy no? 124 entries to read from people I know, much less those people I don't know or the other interests I have. Ugh. That just makes me tired. Unmotivated.
  • Plus, I have so much work to do today. I got up at 6:30 planning to get lots done before the sun rose even, but no - I txt'd C~ down under and she was awake so we caught up on the phone for about an hour.
  • I've lost a pant size! Woot! Don't worry, you don't want to know how I did it. You would not approve.
  • Baby and I had a really big fight on Saturday night. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what it was about. In case you don't read, you don't know that he never fucking tells me what's wrong. i have to guess. It's super effective (insert sarcasm here).
  • We aren't fighting any more, but I still have to figure out what the hell happened. I saw hate in his eyes. Seriously.
  • I hated too, though.
  • My friend Michael once told me, and I think about this every single time that we fight, part of marriage is learning how to fight without feeling like your marriage is falling apart. I think that's hard to grasp or learn.
  • I felt like our marriage was falling apart. AT least during the fight on Saturday.
  • I think that if we don't learn to communicate better then we won't make it.
  • Sunday night a dear friend who's been married FOREVER, like um, 18-19 years, YEP!, told me she's filed for divorce.
  • I was shocked.
  • Partly because I really want it (marriage) to get easier at some point.
  • Partly because we don't keep in touch enough for me to know that there was trouble.
  • 18 years. That's a long time to be married to someone. To have children.
  • I'm so unmotivated to work right now. I wish it could all just wait until after the new year.
  • I'm thinking about new year's resolutions right now. I'm also thinking about how we didn't manage to meet several of last year's - but not so much because we couldn't but more so because we changed our minds. Like on the not spending money part. :)
  • I was just telling a friend, that it's nice that we are making more money this year, but we have eventually got to stop spending it like it's going out of style.
  • Seriously.
  • There's a crises going on.
  • This week alone, I had something that I said and something that Baby said, separately, reverberate in my head - over and over and over. We are so fucking spoiled. We do not have any sense of the value of money. At fucking all.
  • Blah blah blah, you might think, oh, nice problem to have, bitch. But I'm serious. We have to do something about it (but I don't really want to, as much as I say that). We need to get our priorities straight. We need to consume less. We need to get out of debt. There is no reason we shouldn't be completely out of debt this year. But we aren't. Because we spend money like it's going out of style. Not even on things that last - on food. and alcohol. and shit that we don't really need. TVs, Tivo, decor.
  • Fucking stupid and selfish as shit.
  • Although, we do really need to do something this year about our stupid master bathroom that we haven't been able to use the tub in 2 years. Because we're lazy as shit too.
  • I hate that about us. I wish we were better people. (Not the lazy part, I don't mind that - it's the selfish part).
  • But apparently, not really enough to do anything about it. huh?
  • Yet, so much of me wants to plan YET ANOTHER vacation. I'm sick of work. It's good and all, I really don't have ANYTHING to complain about work wise, but it's just so much nicer not to work. Yep, that's really all it is. It'd just be nicer not to have to bother with all these responsibilities.
  • All because I want. Stuff. Stupid stuff.
  • And vacations. And travel.
  • I want everyone I know to have stuff too. And vacations. And travel.
  • Ugh.
  • On a totally unrelated note, Maddie is so fucking adorable!
  • My SIL has a new cat, Munch. Who's absolutely adorable too - so cuddly! He'd just purr and purr and purr and sit in our laps and be friendly. We got him a feather toy while we were in NC and he loved it.
  • Speaking of travel, Baby and I are planning a trip to NYC. I have to go to PHL in the middle of January so we figured we should spend the long weekend after (MLK weekend) in NYC. Visiting my friend Theo. I haven't seen him in 4 years.
  • There are a couple of other people I should see while I'm there. Two friends from high school that I recently reconnected with that live in the NYC area. But not sure if we will.
  • I am about to email Ms. Dianne though and see if I can make some kind of meet up happen with her. Jealous? :)
  • These kind of trips are the best. Mainly because they don't cost much at all. My travel will be covered by the company. Baby's travel will be on airline miles. We'll stay with Theo and in a hotel on hotel points. Sweet.
  • Now. If we can just control ourselves while we are there. And not shop. Actually, that's not really a problem. I really don't like to shop any more. Just sightsee, take pictures, eat and drink. And visit with friends of course!
  • There are so many places I need to see. Just talked to C~ about a trip to Australia for next year. That's our planned *big* trip for next year.
  • Other vacations we are considering: French Alps (with Frency & Family as well as the Diors perhaps), Utah with Alli & the Mr., I'm sure we'll go somewhere else next year too, of course, depending on how much vacation time we have. The trip to Australia will be at least 2 weeks. It really should be longer considering how long that effing trip will be.
  • Oh, and those Delta miles will totally pay off when we use points to upgrade us to Australia. No chancing it on a random upgrade. :)
  • Crap, I need to do some work.
Later peeps. I miss you.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My husband is HOT!

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Friday, December 19, 2008

I might just...

...put her in my bag and take her home with me.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

And another

Freaking adorable. One of the happiest babies I've ever met.

Waiting for Frenchy

We are eagerly waiting for her dad to get home. Adorable or what?

Kitten for Sale!

I was threatening to sell Maddie, cause look what she did:

To make matters worse, Mr. Mythos went walking through all that and sliced open his paw, so a trip to the vet, $80, and 2 stitches later....I'm still thinking about selling Maddie.

Anyone need a cat? Actually - you know I can't blame her. Cu-Cu constantly taunts Maddie and was always trying to get her to get in the vase. Oh well. (Don't think I'm not going to go try to buy another vase just like this one - sticking her little head out of it was just too damn cute!)

Anyway, I'm in Milan. I was so incredibly lucky on the way out here last night too! The flight was way oversold so they gave me a complimentary upgrade. I thought it might happen but I was so so so happy when they called my name! I was worried I wouldn't get any sleep despite the tylenol PMs I'd purchased and the copious amounts of alcohol I was planning to consume. BUT, because of the awesome upgrade, I got FREE copious amounts of alcohol AND got to sleep like a baby in an almost fully reclined position. Yippee!

I'm so happy to be here. Seeing Baby Frenchy in person - Oh. My. God. She's the cutest thing! Big beautiful eyes and so happy. Kind of stare-y, but very happy. Haven't heard her cry yet. I arrived, showered and waited for Mrs. Frenchy to come meet me and we grabbed lunch. I discovered another travel trick. Usually when I get upgraded I eat just about everything they put in front of me and I arrive at my destination bloated and icky. This trip, I had dinner but passed on the breakfast (it'd only been like 6 hours since the last meal!) and I felt really good when I arrived. Anyway, we had lunch, then Mrs. F had to go back to work so I wandered around the shopping district - Prada, Gucci, Pucci, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, etc. etc.

Don't worry - I didn't spend a dime (or euro, whatever). Just not into it. Not here to shop. Carried my camera around but mostly I had to pee so was too distracted to take many pictures. Now I'm chilling at the Frenchy's place and contemplating a nap. Even though I know I shouldn't nap. I need to stick it out. I wish I was motivated enough to get out the camera and make myself useful, but I'm not.

Did I mention that my phone doesn't work here? Good and bad. Good because if it did, I'd probably use it and it'd be millions of dollars. Bad because I feel so disconnected!!! And no fun iPhone shots while I'm out and about.

Alright. I think I'm gonna just check my eyelids for cracks.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Sweater

Baby & I really need a couple of Christmas sweaters.

I even went so far as to go to the Goodwill store yesterday to look for some, but they didn't have any! I was so disappointed.

There is only a little time left, so I beg of you...does anyone know where I can get some really really bad Christmas sweaters (oh, cheap, of course!)? If they involved Christmas cats, you would totally get an extra added bonus.

Pet Sitting

Good lord! In my next life I'm coming back as a pet sitter. That dude is raking in some dough during the holidays with his special holiday rate of $27 per VISIT! Good god.

Oh well, what we do for our special needs babies that need an insulin shot twice a day!

Anyway, wanna see how anal the K's are?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas shopping

Should I get these for Baby?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I will probably live to regret this too

Today, I fight with myself. I'm trying to decide if I should make my blog invite-only. Clearly almost anyone who asked would be allowed to read, but then I would have a better idea of who reads and who doesn't. You know, so I can better censor myself. :) I know, I know, that's not the point of a blog, right? But then I would know who DOESN'T read and I would have to censor that shit out.

Well, unfortunately it's more and more what this blog is about. I am constantly censoring myself. I don't want to offend anyone that I know reads, but I do want to be more true to myself. I find that I am constantly NOT posting what I would if so-and-so didn't read this. What am I left with? Fights (and make up!) with Baby (although so many people have problems with that, I can't believe I don't censor that!), what I'm eating, and the cats.

I think I'm feeling smothered. But, then again - invite only - would that really solve this? I have no idea. But I do know that I would miss the people who find me. I love that people I don't know read this blog. For example, when I first started reading Meno's blog, if I'd had an invite-only blog, she probably wouldn't have bothered to ask for an invite. Right? Hell, it might not even be possible. :) I would really miss that. And what about those people who read infrequently? they might miss the "email me if you want to be invited!" post and then just find it locked. Maybe they would be too put off to ask for an invite? What about my ever so dedicated S, in VA, who reads regularly. I see her in statcounter. Has only commented once, but would she even ask for an invite? or bother to log in?

Problem is that I WANT to write here. I WANT to be the bitch that I am. I WANT to be snarky. I WANT to complain about those who I want to complain about. This is quite thereuputic for me. By bitching, I get shit out and don't worry or carry it around or hold a grudge or whatever it is. It's important to me. I don't know what to do right now. I know, I could do a secret blog and invite the people I want to read to read it.

But, ugh. I barely have time for one. Honest to god, the thought alone makes me tired.

What's my problem? Well, someone recently started following me on Twitter and a few other things similar to that. A former coworker who is super weird about work. Very competitive and um, gosh, I can't even explain it really. Seriously, you'd have to know him to know what I'm talking about. Personally, I feel that it's most likely about competition. It's about trying to prove that he's better, smarter, more succesful, etc. than the rest of us. Almost everything he says work-wise, is kind of a jab.

(It's so funny, but I have to tell you that I feel SO self-centered saying that out loud - that I'm so smart and successful someone needs to compete with me. That is not at ALL what I mean, I hope you don't take it that way. This person is this way with everyone, not just me, I swear.)

Honestly, I thought this was in my head until I'd confirmed it with a few other friends. If they didn't agree with me, I'd think I was projecting some of my crazy on him or something.

You wanna know what I think about that? Have at it. You win. I have no desire to compete. Why are you competing with me to being with? Silliness. Stop it. You wanna be better than me? Great! You are! I agree! There really is no need to jab at me, or belittle me, or put me down to make yourself feel better. I swear.

What boggles the mind even more? Why do I put up with this shit?

You know what - confession of the hour! I actually have multiple friends like this. WTF? This guy and one other. The other one I'm around all the time. Hell, just to be sure I'm not passive aggressive, I'll call him out. (Ha, I am safe in the knowledge that he rarely, if ever, actually reads this blog). It's Jason.

No really. Most conversations with Jason center around him telling me how he can do something better than me, or has something better than me or has friends who do/have something better than me. Usually I just let it slide right off. Honestly, I have always felt that this is a displace of low self esteem. He has good and bad periods. Sometimes he's super supportive and complimentary, other times it's not even a topic of conversation. But, seriously, a LOT of the time, he likes to give me these little jabs. I don't know if he expects a reaction or what. I usually don't give him one. I just ignore it. Agree. Whatever. Would think it was my own crazy if it didn't happen ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Anyway, while I'm on it. The other thing he does is that he enjoys pretending he's too busy to hang out with me. I wrote about it here in fact, remember that? I have discussed this with him to his face. His response: I don't know what you are talking about, I'm just really busy. Of course. (Don't worry - we talked about it in terms of me "I feel this..." blah blah)

(quick aside: wow, it' s a lot of effort to prevent those preachy-preachers who read my blog from time to time from preachy-preaching, isn't it? I'm sure I wasn't even successful with that. Whoa, maybe I'm in a bad mood. Did I just write that? Will I really post this? )

Wait. So off topic! Back to the former coworker. So, you know - I KNOW that there are a few other former coworkers reading. One I know about. One in Ireland, that searches for "life of etk" all the time. Who are you? I have no freaking CLUE who that is! Probably better I don't know - maybe I'd censor stuff for you too. But I'm DYING to know. Anyway, so, since this person started following my tweets, I've been OBSESSIVELY checking stat counter. I've googled myself based on some twitter information, I'm trying to figure out if he could find me just because of the email address associated with twitter. Did he pay that much attention, does he even care?

Why? Because to me, he's the only person in the world I could imagine using something here against me professionally. Would it matter? Do I care? Apparently. I mean, really - I don't give a shit if either one of my bosses find this. Would be a little more weird for my direct reports to find this, but I'd probably be OK with it (believe me, my position on this changes daily - particularly since B is now stalking my direct reports on facebook - I'm thinking about it a lot). But why do I care so much about this one guy?

I think I just figured it out - I just don't want him to have this oh-so-personal part of me. This is personal. This is me. Even censored, you people know me better than anyone else. I'm not a big talker about emotional things. Why? Just don't bother, find the time, care enough. I'm not one to sit around and be all sensitive and emotional. I'm more of a bull in a china cabinet kind of girl. Hell, I rarely post anything truly emotional here - see, that's censorship at it's best, I don't want to hear what any judgmental friend might say and don't want anything out there to be used against me at a later date - so, instead, it's filled with rants, happiness, the occaisional insight. But even that insight. Wow, I don't want it in his hands. Right?

Anyway, a little bit of the "old me" is still in there fighting to pop it's annoying little head out from time to time. The old me really cared about my professional image. Like, really cared. The old me always towed the company line. The old me really really just wanted to be the best she could at this professional crap and just plain get ahead. The new me, not so much. The new me is really focused on doing the right thing - for the client, for me, for Baby. The new me is all about "this is me. Take me or leave me (but please don't leave me!)" (ha - how needy can I be?). The old me would have NEVER been on facebook, becasue someone might think that I'm not getting my work done because I'm on facebook. The new me is all about facebook and doesn't give a crap what anyone thinks. If someone thinks I'm not working just as hard as anyone else, then they can kiss my ass, because the new me knows that I work my ass off and deserve to play just as hard as well. The new me also knows that I facebook as I'm walking somewhere and what else can I do while I'm walking. I'm a multi-tasker, you see. The old me got so wrapped up in office politics and drama that it caused many nights of crying. The new me says fuck it, just don't fuck with me. The old me worried about having a job. The new me realizes that if all else failed, we could sell everything and life off the land like hippies. :) LOL, Baby'll love that! The old me used to be jealous of those people that had jobs where that "professional image" shit didn't matter. The new me found that job boring. The new me wants her cake and plans to eat that shit too.

The old me took all the advice and criticism my first few years of consulting to heart and it even scarred me a little. The new me WANTS TO GO TO SOUPER JENNY FOR LUNCH. The daily menu just came and holy shit, that shit looks good. The new me cusses like a sailor. Just so you know.

Wow, what a rambling crazy mess. Good luck with that.

So, what do you think? you think I should go private? Would it actually solve anything?
Am I just destined to be a freak and constantly in agnst about this?

This post, inspired by Meno. Damn, that woman is smart. And Meno, just so you know - I just closed my eyes, didn't reread and hiy publish. I don't really have any balls.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Hates her iphone right now for losing a long blog post. Where could it
have gone?? :(

Monday, December 08, 2008

My Baby Boy

I love him!

Vocab for the Day

Did you know that dependent and dependant are the same? I always thought dependant was a misspelling of dependent. Oh well, learn something new every day.

Also, for the record, I never EVER pronounce these words correctly. I don't know what's wrong with me, but since I know I mess up I try really hard not to use them:
  • plethora
  • attribute
  • cheshire (not the cat, I can pronounce that properly, but cheshire bridge, the street, always comes out like the cat, maybe it's because I like cats?)
I think that's it.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Holiday Party

Last night, Baby and I got all gussied up for my company's holiday party - held at ever-so-fabulous, Rathbun's restaurant. It was quite yummy! I wish I had more/better pictures but Baby insisted I not take my "big camera" so we just went with the point-and-shoot. Which, takes really crappy photos. Anyway, everyone was disappointed I didn't bring the big camera so from now one I will not go anywhere without it. we are with one of my bosses. I know, we're fucking adorable, we can't help it, it's natural.

Of course, after dinner we all had to go out. We were planning to have people back to our house, but my boss's wife works for a liquor distribution company and just so happened to have lots of VIP tickets for Opera, a night club in the midtown area. Not a place you would actually ever manage to find me...but, we went along for the fun and it was interesting. At least in the VIP section we didn't have to deal with lots of stupid drunk bitches falling into us and shit. The 80's night was more Bon Jovi, Journey, than Madonna, as it should have been, but they did at least play a couple of good Prince songs. We stayed out quite a bit past our bedtime, got home about 2:15 AM, and of course I was starving, so I had to order a pizza. I had half a slice and went to bed, but it sure was good hangover breakfast this morning. If only I'd managed to get some McDonald's french fries to go with it. :)

We completely wasted today - getting up at 11, lounging on the couch watching TV all day and napping until now - 5ish, we just got ready to meet Cu-Cu and her dad to head over the Disposable Income event at Urban Cottage - super excited about that! Gotta run, but I sure hope I can find some time to post a real post here soon.


Perfect Lazy Saturday

We should be shopping for Christmas or something but definitely prefer this....what a perfect Saturday

Friday, December 05, 2008

Dear Husband,

Thank you darling super hot hubby!

Milan, Bitches

Did I mention that I'm going to Milan week after next yet? Yep, that's right bitches - ITALIA! Woot! I'm sure you're wondering why, right? Well - I need miles people. I'm just a mere 7,000 miles away from being Platinum on Delta. And...since they rescinded that whole crazy pay for seats or change your seats the day before crap...I think I'll stick with them another year just to see how much they can abuse me. I, apparently, like it. Obviously. So, I researched every US alternative to get those 7K miles and came up about 3K short everywhere I could go (even with multiple legs). So.....then I had to reach. Where do I know people overseas (that Delta flies!)? Australia (Delta doesn't fly there and it's super duper expensive) and Milan - well, that settles it! So, I'm off week after next to visit Mr. & Mrs. Frenchy ...

... and, most importantly, BABY FRENCHY!!!

Seriously, she might just be one of the cutest little babies I've ever seen and you know I'm not big on babies! Oh, the pictures I will take! Can not WAIT!

Oh, and I'm wearing my favorite brown sweater today. I wear it most days, just in case you were wondering. I lurves it.

I'm leaving work early (shortly in fact). We are having our holiday party tonight at a super fancy restaurant here in the ATL. Be jealous, bitches!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bad Kitteh

Maddie has found a new place to hang out. A vase next to the TV. Baby keeps yelling at me to put the camera down and discipline her, but it's so freaking cute, how can I do that? There are more in the Maddie set within my Flickr account, today she was mainly sticking her head in it but this evening she decided to just make herself at home and hang out while she watched TV. Silly girl!

Holiday Yelping!

Last night, GrabMol, a Yelp Elite!, was awesome enough (as her usual awesome self) to take Cu-Cu & I as her dates to the Yelp Holiday party. We are some hot bitches, aren't we?

Photo courtesy of fab ATL photographer, Frank Lazaro.

Things I NEED

Well, I need lots of stuff, but most importantly (courtesy of loriming of mingaling), I need this. Like, as in NEED! Can't live without!

If you don't know what to get me, you can always find something here. Just so you know.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Best Email From Boss Ever. Ever.

I just got this from my boss.


Dear Husband,

We have everyone from my place of work coming over on Friday night.
That is all I'll say.

Maddie says Hi ya'll

Do you know how hard it is to leave this to go to work today?