Sunday, March 25, 2007


I'm tan, it's hot, it's gorgeous out!

Yesterday Baby and I hung out at the pool all day. Today we were up at the buttcrack of dawn to cheer on friends and relatives in the ING half and full marathon which passed by our condo. Now we're off to investigate window dressing options. :)

We'll be idling the afternoon away by lolling about in the park with Jason and nis new almost husband. :)
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Did you know?

I was telling tt on the phone last night that if I didn't have a blackberry I'd probably never post! I've finally mastered the art of walking and typing. THAT is what allows me to post more frequently. Now, as you know - if you know me IRL - I am just about the clumsiest person alive. Seriously. I am constantly covered in bruises because I misjudge distances (between me and the wall, me and the door, etc) and because I fall ALL THE TIME. Anyway, most if not all are posted as I'm walking to/from work or running around the airport. Yay me!

Good Week

I almost hate to admit it because it sounds bad but it's been pretty nice this week to be home and have Baby out of town. I LOVE you Baby!!! I do! But, just having the place to myself to watch whatever TV I want and to be able to JUST have cereal for breakfast and to workout after work (so I could sleep in!) Has been really nice.

In addition to this I've been thinking a lot about what it takes to make a relationship work. I have friends that basically spend every free waking minute together and do everything together - shop, workour, eat, go out, watch TV, etc. They all have great relationships - really great ones.

Then, on the other hand, I have a hand full of friends who lead very independent lives from their SO. They have a group of indep. Friends and have a very active social calendar without their SO involved. They all have really great relationships too! So which one nurtures the relationship more? The one where they are always together? Or the one where their time together is limited but maybe more meaningful? Which one are you in? What do you think it takes to make a relationship work?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Almost the best day ever!

Today has most of the components of the best day ever! If only Baby were at home making me dinner with champagne chilling and sexy music playing!!


in short form:
* I got to work early (just before 8 - ha! The fact that THAT is considered early is great enough!)
* I was busy all day but STILL found time to post (did not, however, reply to any personal emails or chat with Pups)
* Stuck to my diet by having oatmeal for breakfast, a slimfast for lunch and sugar-free/fat-free coffee for snack.
* left work promptly at 5 and was working out by 5:15
* Got a full 50 min workout and ran home to quickly shower
* Made it just in time to my hour long massage appt at 6:45
* just wrapped on that and now I'm gonna have a bowl of cereal, watch some trashy mind wasting TV and go to bed early!

If only baby were here with me!!!!
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I want to be this skinny

Sure I had no boobs back then - but Baby won't mind. :)

more tt & honey - in Hawaii!

Weekly Ice Cream Run

So, we just went on our weekly office ice cream run. You see, there is this FABULOUS chocolatier across the street from my office building. It's a regular weekly (occasionally twice weekly) occurance for like half the office to make the trek across the street (no, the marble slab next door won't do) to get some of their fabulous home made ice cream.

Their ice cream is FABULOUS.

Why? Why am I telling you this? Because I MANAGED TO JUST SAY NO! I actually walked across the street with the gaggle and then detoured down the block to Starbucks for a sugar free vanilla latte. I rock.

Seriously. I rock. That is some serious will power I got going on.

I love me some tt


She's just the coolest mother figure/friend/support/person who's got my back/justifier/teacher of mad justification skills/crazy sexy mama/bestest cinnamon toast maker/girlfriend in the WHOLE WORLD.

My favorite family pic:

My next favorite pic - she's always grabbing me!!! LOL

Yep - I don't know what I'd do without her. She's the one I call when Baby is misbehaving because I can always count on the "you are right and he is wrong". She's the one I call when I need someone to say "well, you SHOULD have bought those really crazy expensives shoes." (that might be stretching it but she does have some mad justification skills - learned everything I know from her!).

She always ALWAYS makes me happy. She let's me prattle on for hours about NOTHING and actually acts interested. If I'm EVER down - I just remember that tt and Dad traveled ALL THE WAY TO GREECE WITHOUT EVEN TELLING ME just because they love me. On top of that, I have an email printed out that I keep in my desk drawer that lists 12 things about me that she loves. I mean, who else loves me THAT MUCH? I mean, obviously. She's crazy. But I love her anyway.

Baby sure never lists 12 things about me that he loves that much!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


I am being a tad unfair....someone WAS competing for husband of the year by moving the mirror, hanging the thing in the entry way, dropping off our donations and taking stuff to storage while I was in LA. :)

'Course the comment that it got done "because you weren't around to nag me" lost a few points.

Ah, the joys of marriage. I do love my Baby.
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Is it even a word?

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Issues with that

I get THINGS done not thinks.

My title got cut off. Should read:
Something to never say to your wife when your wife is me (or I am your wife).
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Something to never say to your wife, when I am your wife

"Do you really want to do this now?" (Throw in an incredulous and disgusted tone and it makes it just SO much better).

1. Hi! I'm ETK! I'm your wife. YOU married me. You know I'm a 'doer' I get thinks done. I don't procrastinate much.
2. Seriously. I LOVE the fact that we just took a blind down in the LIVING ROOM. Just one. It nicely completes the ghetto-tastic white trash ambiance I have TOTALLY been going for since we moved into this midtown loft.
3. How would you feel if the next time you want to have sex and I don't I bust out with "do you really want to do this now?" (Complimentary disgust and incredulity thrown in for free).

Just think about it. Yes. I want to do it now.
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Friday, March 16, 2007

Restaurants I Like

ATL, of course.

The other day Baby and I were telling a coworker how much we love dining out and he asked us what were our favorite restaurants. Why is that whenever someone asks me that question I can never think of any?

Anyway, here's a running list in no particular order.
  1. Rathbun's (but who doesn't)
  2. Nuevo Laredo
  3. Murphy's
  4. Joel
  5. Nan
  6. Apres Diem - more for the atmosphere and drinks/desserts than the food
  7. Aria
  8. Floataway Cafe
  9. Two Urban Licks
  10. Bacchanalia
  11. Ta Tavola
  12. Toast
  13. Harry & Sons
  14. Vortex
  15. dish
  16. Noodle
  17. Little Azio's
  18. Eno
  19. Noche
  20. Loca Luna (more for the atmosphere than the food, but food is OK too)
  21. Ru Sans (best vegetarian sushi EVER)
  22. Doc Chey's
  23. The Supper Club

Not a big fan of Buckhead in general, but a couple of worth the hike/fuss restaurants:

  1. Kyma
  2. Bluepoint

Honorable mention:

  1. Taquerio del Sol

Restaurants I want to try:

  1. Panahar
  2. Sotto Sotto
  3. Sunflower Cafe
  4. Nam
  5. Pacific Kitchen
  6. Pano's & Paul's
  7. Agnes & Muriel's
  8. Rustic Gourmet
  9. Georgia Grille
  10. Babette's Cafe
  11. Asada
  12. Food 101
  13. 10 Degree's
  14. Cedars
  15. Trois
  16. Thrive
  17. Posh
  18. Madras Saravana Bhavan
  19. JCT Kitchen
  20. Shaun's
  21. Red Shoe
  22. The Pecan
  23. Sala

Places we've been but I'd need to try again to remember if I like them:

  1. Wisteria
  2. Food Studio
  3. Agave


I stole that title from tweb. Sometimes I hate trying to think up a title.

The problem with extensive work travel: keeping up with the regular work out schedule. Day 3 in LA and haven't hit the gym yet. Amazing considering all the anorexic women with huge boobs that are surrounding me. Thye should have guilted me to the gym by now.

Am looking forward to hanging with BillB and D tonight. I s'pose we'll do dinner, drink lots wine and concentrate on not having a cigarette.

I'm on a crusade to start smoking again. In honor of my 4th anniversary month of quitting the crack (read: cigarettes). Oddly enough I had a very vivid and detailed dream last night that featured me smoking. A lot.

Why on earth would someone WANT to take up smoking again - I'm sure, you're asking yourself this right now. Well, simply because it's making me gain weight. Yeah, I know - it's not the lack of smoking, it the increased caloric value of the CHOCOLATE CAKE and CAKE BATTER ICE CREAM that's doing it. But, follow my logic here, no smoking increases desire/craving for sweets, therefore if I smoke again I won't crave sweets and I'll lose weight. I wish I could make that in pill for and I'd be freaking rich.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm sooooo glad

That I don't live in LA.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Pi Day!!

I can NOT believe I didn't post that yet. Tsk tsk.

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For Blondie & Crazy Dynamics Girl

There is a mathematician sitting next to me. Later I will impress him with my mad math skills. Ha!

I think I'm going to say "oh MATH! I hated calc how can you do that all day?"

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I can't think of his name!!!

He's white and has light brown short hair. He always plays a sidekick in not so great movies. Has a little acne but not too bad. Not corey haim or whatever his name is but that type of guy. Anyone?
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Oh yeah

and he's real freaking annoying and loud. Doesn't he know this is a business lounge where people are WORKING? Shut the fuck up. No one wants to hear you.
THAT is all.
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Someone famous is here

So I'm in the crown room waiting for my (already delayed) flight and there a famous dude here. He always plays the dumb geek in movies. Don't know his name but I'll look him up when I have internet.

That's all.
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Off to LA

I'm out.  More if/when time.  Have a great rest of the week. Too bad it's gonna rain the entire time I'm in LA. :(

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


That's my favorite post title I believe. It covers just about everything.


I spoke with tt last night about my lack of posting. I simply have nothing exciting to say. When I do think of something amusing or witty to write about, I generally can't remember when I am actually in front of a computer (because BELIEVE me, I have TONS of witty and amusing things to say) or just simply don't have the time. It's not that I don't love you guys and all - but suddenly, I have a life.

I was speaking on the phone Friday afternoon with a former coworker who's been trying to get in touch with me for about 5 weeks, since I started my new job. The conversation went like this:
Me: "Hey Ex-Coworker!!! How are you???"
Him: "I'm great, but I thought you'd died or fallen off the face of the earth!"
Me: "Yeah, yeah, I know you've called several times and that I haven't managed to call you back yet, but....I've been busy! Seriously!"
Him: "What? I thought you get a new job so that you wouldn't work as hard!! How could you possibly be busier than you were??"
Me: "Well, actually, it's not work that I'm busy with! It's the other stuff!!! I finally have time to have a life and I'm busy living it. Hell, I don't even bring my laptop home with me most days!"
Him: "Wow! Really?"
Me: "Yep, seriously. The other issue is that work is only 3 blocks from home and you know I really only get my phone time in when I'm in a car or a cab. Well - I don't really spend much time in a car these days either! So, I just don't find the time to chat or write emails or even surf the web much! I'm busy working out or running errands or just general life stuff!!! Actually, it's about to get even worse! I've signed up for a Spanish class at Emory that starts next month and with that and study time, I'll have absolutely NO free time! Oh yeah, and I have to be in bed at 10 PM every night because I'm OLD!"

So there, that's why I don't post. I'm busy living it. Finally. For the first time in like 8 years. Seriously.


Work is different too. Since I only spend 8 hours a day working, I suddenly feel like I need to actually spend those 8 hours WORKING. Yep, I have lots of things to do. In my previous life, I worked so many hours and had to be available across so many time zones that I had no CHOICE but to take care of "life" (what I had of it) during business hours. I had to be tied to the computer from 7 A to 10 P, so of COURSE I was going to squeeze in time for web surfing, blog reading and blog posting. Of course, I never took a lunch either. Suddenly I have an hour lunch almost every day. Suddenly I have after work activities (a group of us are all having an early dinner together tonight. Bowling next week. A movie the week after that - wow! social work friends!). Anyway, again, it's all to say that I do love you all still, I'm just out doing things that don't involve a computer! SWEET!


So, Pups bought a cute little convertible. If you didn't already check it out - run on over to Alli's blog and see just how adorable it is. I feel personally responsible. :) He called the day before he bought it to discuss buying a much more sensible car for his daily hour long commute into and out of work. I was appalled. I mean, first of all, why sensible? Sure sure - you need good back support when you spend that much time in a car but...YOU HAVE CONVERTIBLE HAIR! Put that to good use! Seriously. AND - YOU LIVE IN HOUSTON. They have pretty decent convertible weather. YOU LEAVE RELATIVELY CLOSE TO THE BEACH. You need a convertible. Anyway, he finally caved. I'm pretty sure it was the "convertible hair" comment that pushed him over the edge. :) Now, he gets to define every day as "top up" or "top down" days. SWEET. Welcome to the club. We're an elite (and fucking cool) club.


That said, his convertible would be put to better use in Atlanta. They should move. Immediately.

It's awfully hot in Houston.


Baby and I are on a mission again to find the best Indian restaurant in Atlanta. If you recall, we did find our original favorite. You can read about it here, here and here. We have a couple of recommendations from a guy at work to try out, but if those don't pan out...we'll have to trek the 25 miles to our favorite place, [gee I sure wish I could remember the name of it]. This past weekend, we tried out Minerva, a restaurant recommended by the guy at work. i didn't like it. I did like the fact that they had a projection TV showing great cheesy Indian movies - lots of singing, dancing and falling in love, but I did NOT particularly like their food. Mainly, there was gross and disgusting dark meat in the chicken dish I ordered (despite the fact that I specifically chose a dish that listed "chicken breast" vs. just "chicken"). The sag paneer wasn't all that great and that's also how I judge a good restaurant. They MUST make good sag paneer (palak paneer at that restaurant actually - same thing though). We also have to try Saravana Bhavan in Decatur and Armaan in Norcross. Anyone know anywhere else we should try? We've tried Desi in Midtown, Haveli in downtown, and Raja on Peachtree. Help! :)


So much for 25% travel. LOL - I may rush out to LA tomorrow for a meeting on Thursday. Too bad the Dior's are out of town (in India as a matter of fact) AND Mr. & Mrs. Commodore are skiing in Vancouver or I'd totally catch up with some or all of them. I may get to see good ol' Bill B and his GF while I'm there.


Did I mention that I might get to go to Hawaii FOR WORK soon? Yep, seriously.


I'm on a serious work out and diet kick again. I mean, I've been serious about working out since Xmas. I've been really good about it. Hitting the gym regularly. Planning on a 5K in early May with two girls from work. Dragging Baby out of bed early during the week to hit the gym in the AM before work (super big shout out to Baby for dragging butt out of bed at 5:55 AM to hit the gym by 6:15 this morning - now, if we can just get that to about 5:40, so we can be IN THE GYM by 6 AM, that'd be great! Yay Baby!!!). I don't know why, but since the time change I've been literally BOUNDING out of bed early! I was up at 6 yesterday, 5:30 today. I'm shooting for 5:30 again tomorrow and (if I don't go to LA) 5:15 on Thursday so I can go to "bring a friend" day at fitness bootcamp in East ATL. Sweet! Now, if I could just see some results on the scale or in the clothing. I'm seeing NADDA. That totally sucks. I know, I know - it's because of the chocolate cake and the CAKE BATTER BLUE BELL ICE CREAM. But it's sooooo good! How could I possibly resist? Huh? Tell me, how????


Seriously though. I spent a couple of hours with Jason yesterday and first I have to say that I almost DIED being in his car with him while he smoked. Yep, I'm THAT non-smoker. Just like Pups, annoying as all get out. I couldn't breath. I literally had to stick my head out of the window. Gross. THEN, after dinner it really hit me. I would have taken off someone's head for a piece of chocolate cake. I would have poked out my own eye. I would have given my right hand. Anything. Just. One. Piece. Of. Chocolate. Cake. Seriously.


Because I quit smoking! I've just replaced one addiction with another - dessert! Fuck. this is NOT how it's supposed to be. So, I did the slightly more reasonable thing. I came home and had 3 tablespoons of CAKE BATTER BLUE BELL ICE CREAM (oh. my. god. I just figured out that Cake Batter ice cream is rotational - i.e., NOT MADE ALL THE TIME, what will I do???). [side note, I googled to find that link and found an interesting one here]. I mean, it STILL blew my entire really good diet day out of the water! Damn it.


I think that is all that I've got. I totally have work to do so I should get back to doing it. I just wanted to make tt happy and post a bit. :) Gotta keep the public happy y'know.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Oh. My. God.

I am going to kill my husband.

I have been laying in bed for 2 hours. Was even asleep for a bit but he's watching afucking tech basketball game and yelling every 10 minutes.

I was just laying here thinking about how pissed he'd be at me if I watched tv and yelled at the tv while he was trying to go to sleep.

I think I'll get up early this saturday and yell at the computer. Then we'll see how he likles it.
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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Holy crap I love the ATL

THIS is why I love Atlanta! It's top down weather in the ATL. That's the only thing that makes it worth driving yourself to the airport!
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I made it!

I didn't even hurt anyone! Can't wait to hit starbucks though!!! Caribou actually. :) I only do Starbucks when I'm traveling.
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A fat person sits next to me and even THINKS about taking up part of my seat I WILL kill someone.

Watch for the headlines.....

"Passenger has flight rage and causes flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta to be diverted to Phoenix"
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Flight from hell

Great. Not ONLY am I in the next to last row, but I'm in a window seat and they,ve decide to sit all the stinky people back here.

To make matters worse because I was in a stupid tourist hotel (instead of a freaking business hotel) I haven't had coffee yet. Tourist hotels generally don't have coffee makers and of course 5000 people were checking out with me so I was running late and couldn't stop at Starbucks. Fuck.

Good GOD who ate all the onions back here????!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


A lady just walked by in a Gucci suit. Head to toe G's. I'm embarrassed for her.
I've never seen so many big fake boobs and bleached blonde hair!
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Pi Day is Coming!

Blondie's post inspired me, so I thought I'd share some "how to" with you.

On another note, I'm still in Las Vegas. Baby left late last night after much annoying experience with Spirit Airlines (some of it his own fault, but still, annoyance none the less - particularly for me, as I bet he'll never take a "weekend trip" with me when I have to travel for work again).
Anyway, many promises that I'll either post tonight, tomorrow night or Friday. I was too busy entertaining Baby to sit at the laptop (that is when not conferencing and smoosing with the clients). I've got 30 min to spare and am getting caught up on my reading. Ciao!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Ha! Tweb cracks me up

I'm WORKING in VEGAS! :) Will post eventually! :)
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Thursday, March 01, 2007


I have promisesd myself that I won't complain about Baby here, so I won't - but just in case you guys wonder if he's perfect, because I always brag about him - he's not.

God, I wish we could be like Scoot and Alli and never fight at all. Yes, I know I typed Scoot and meant it.